Director, Creative Director


Tragik is a Film Director, Photographer, Producer, Artist, Editor & Creative Director born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Current Projects —

Inverted Magazine
N 2 Deep Short Film
Queer Love
HEAVY (Food Documentary)
Where The Wild Queers Are


Client List —

Warner Music Group


Growing up as a young queer Latina female in the Bay Area, Tragik believed she had to stand up to be visible and accepted. Working with a non-profit org. in San Francisco (Women’s Freedom Center) in high school, through a program with other young, poor, queer women of color impacted by the criminal justice system, she was placed in her first dark room to learn photography. Her first project at 17 was documenting her friends who wanted to take portraits to send to their boyfriends in prison. Through this experience, Tragik learned how photography helped her friends feel beautiful, safe, confident, empowered and important. Over a decade later this still translates into her work, shooting primarily women, queer people and POC, capturing their brilliance and creating a sense of vulnerability & safety with her subjects.

Having spent the majority of the last decade working as a freelance film director, specializing in music videos and documentary work, Tragik has worked with developing and capturing aspiring and established artists with indie and major record labels. Her innovative and unique style, with the ability to create something from nothing, has set her apart from other directors and established a style of her own. Her youtube channel alone has reached almost 4 million views, with an eye for viral and beautifully produced content. Self-taught, Tragik started her career producing, editing, directing and filming all of her content, to organizing all-female production teams for music video, commercial, narrative and documentary films.